the crew

Jerry Hellström (c) 2011
Tomi HietanenBorn: Oh Yes!

Active Duty: 2009 ->

Role: Works his six-string and vocal cords to the extreme. Sometimes starts to even tremble and shake out of pure rock attitude while doing it. In charge of most composition and lyrics. In other words, the guy with a strong vision. The bastard.

Eats/drinks: A lot.

Jerry Hellström (c) 2012

Teemu "Teme" MikkolaBorn: Backwards

Active Duty: 2012 ->

Role: He's in charge of the speed and timing. Some says he's too fast, but that's usually the women. But when it´s time to shoot the breeze he´s always ready for a good'ol fat chewing with a twinkle in his eye. It's still a bit of uncertain which one's faster: his hands or his mouth.

Eats/drinks: Who knows. One thing´s certain though: it can´t be good for ya, regarding that crazy look in his eyes...

Jerry Hellström (c) 2011

Markus MyllyläBorn: keep things from falling apart.

Active Duty: 2009 ->

Role: In no particular order:
-public relations
-spare cook
-the one that's usually late
-locksmith, etc...

Oh, and he plays the four string thing called bass an backs up vocals when not busy with the other stuff.

Eats/drinks: Anything which states FOOD / Bitter the better.

Believe it or not: He has shot himself with a nailgun, cut his leg with a chainsaw and hit himself in the head with an axe! DISCLAIMER: Do NOT attempt any of these stunts at home! He is a professional and knows what he's doing (most of the time).

band history

Jerry Hellström (c) 2012 alt Madison Roam, a brave messenger of True Rock music from Lahti, Finland.

The journey started in 2009 from Lahti when good ol´ drinking buddies started to jam together. Their musical background was highly variable. There was a punk rocker, one metalhead and a guy who used to gain his experience by singing blues ballads in smoky german pubs.
Oh, and the fourth one was happy with everything. Jack-of-all-trades. The handyman - well, you got the point.
However, deep inside their heart, they were all into a real rock music. They mixed the influences from blues to stoner and everything in between and forged it into one hell of a rock prodigy! Here they come!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Hard rocking and ever evolving Madison Roam!

Enjoy the Show!