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Wednesday, 18 April 2012 12:45

Jerry Hellström (c) 2011

Tommi Järveläinen

Active Duty: 2009-2012

Born: With a cheeseburger in his mouth.

Role: Knows what to do when it's time to hit it. And he isn't gentle! He shows up, scoffs a cheese burger and gets the job done - and he's gone before you know it. Does usually most of the grumbling around but otherwise well-behaved. When on the road and it comes to cooking, he's the one to turn to.

Eats/drinks: Cheese burgers. And beer. Bet you didn't see that one coming.

Lari Laine (c)

Lari Laine

Active Duty: 2009-2009

Born: Yeah. Gods gift to women!

Role: Les Paul melts like wax in his fingers. Just like a girl. Maybe that's why he quit the band so damn early. The nicest guy in the world.

Eats/drinks: Anything that keeps a big smile on his face.

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